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KY3 – Volunteers continue to repair homes flooded 6 months ago


Volunteers continue to repair homes flooded 6 months ago

By Drew Douglas |

Posted: Thu 6:20 PM, Jun 16, 2016

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) Doris Marsh’s home is finally being repaired after being flooded back in January.

Marsh remembers the moment she realized her converted garage was full of water, “When I stepped down and I stepped in water. And my feet got wet, and I thought, oh, what is this?”

She applied for FEMA help, but didn’t qualify.

“So then I thought, what am I going to do. I know I can’t afford this on my own,” says Marsh.

While mold kept growing in her converted garage, FEMA passed on the list of people who had applied for flood help to the Catholic Charities. They’re now in charge of making sure hundreds of homes across the Ozarks get repaired, whether they got FEMA money or not.

“Doris just didn’t know the right people to call at the time that it happened. And so that’s why when we got the list and started calling and we found she still had wet things in her house,” says Christie Dade, Director of Construction for Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri.

This week, volunteers from a church in Oskaloosa Iowa are helping restore 9 homes in Greene County.

“From I think right here, we had to take out the drywall and replace it with new dry wall because it had mold,” says 15-year-old Shekinah Boender, one of the volunteers from Oskaloosa.

For Doris and her puppy, Charmin, the 6 month nightmare is over.

“It is just such a relief to know that it’s, the mold is gone. My grand kids can stay down there again now,” says Marsh.

She’s amazed by the generosity.

“To work in this heat, to be a volunteer, these young kids, they’re just great,” says Marsh.

“It feels really good when you know I can be a help to other people and not a burden,” says Boender.

But dozens of other homes in the area still need repairs, and Catholic Charities is looking for more volunteers.

“We can use people if they can give a whole week that’s phenomenal, if they can give us 4 hours, we can find something for them to come do,” Dade says.

The repairs are long overdue, but its not too late to help.

“I do hope they know how much I appreciate it,” says Marsh.



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