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KSPR – Young volunteers repair homes damaged by winter floods

Young volunteers repair homes damaged by winter floods

By Sheena Elzie, KSPR News |

Posted: Thu 11:33 AM, Jun 16, 2016  |

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KSPR) – With those sky-high temperatures, you might not think about flooding.
For almost 500 home owners in Greene County, however, the damage left behind is a constant reminder of the winter floods.

Back in December and January heavy rains hit the Ozarks, leaving streets and basements underwater.

One group is stepping up to help. Volunteers are now painting the walls in the basement of this house. The group is with Catholic Charities.

So far they’ve cleaned up nine houses in the Greene County area, with about 20 more to go.

The house they’re in now belongs to Phyliss Jordan and her husband. She says her family vacuumed up about 9,000 gallons of water from the basement when the floods hit.

She didn’t have flood insurance, FEMA did not pay for all of the damage, and her husband was too sick to clean out all of the mold.

“With my husband’s poor health, I needed help. It was in a closet down there and it was growing up the wall, and I just went down there with a spray bottle, but I just went down and sprayed some more, and I didn’t know what was down here until they got here the other day and yes we’d been living with it for that long.”

These volunteers got rid of all that, they’ve replaced the floors, painted, then they’ll be moving on to the next house.

Catholic Charities estimates the cost of the work they’ve done here is into the thousands, with no cost to the homeowners.

Catholic Charities says it is still taking request for help repairing flood damage.



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