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LifeHouse receives OFH grant

At LifeHouse Crisis Maternity Home, homeless, pregnant women are finding nourishing food, and plenty of it, for themselves and their babies. And, Ozarks Food Harvest has helped to make that possible. LifeHouse received a $1,000 matching grant from OFH this year, and we are so grateful!

LifeHouse Director Michele said, “I remember so well a woman who came to us, and she was pregnant with twins. On her first day at LifeHouse, I noticed that she spent much of the afternoon and evening in the dining room. She ate, and ate, and ate because she was so very hungry. It is humbling to remember that many of us take food for granted.

“Another young woman told me how shocked she was to open the refrigerator the first time and see it full of food. She had never seen a refrigerator like that! She said it was so good knowing that she wouldn’t have to worry anymore about how she was going to eat.”