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Be Tornado Ready

Severe Weather Season is Here. March - June are when tornadoes are most likely to occur; however, tornadoes can strike at any time. Extreme tornadic wind can damage and destroy homes and property, and cause injuries. Heed Warnings The National Weather Service issues watches and warnings for severe weather. "Tornado Watch" means that there is potential for a tornado, be prepared to take shelter. "Tornado Warning" means there is a tornado, take shelter immediately. Do not wait for a "T

LifeHouse receives OFH grant

At LifeHouse Crisis Maternity Home, homeless, pregnant women are finding nourishing food, and plenty of it, for themselves and their babies. And, Ozarks Food Harvest has helped to make that possible. LifeHouse received a $1,000 matching grant from OFH this year, and we are so grateful! LifeHouse Director Michele said, "I remember so well a woman who came to us, and she was pregnant with twins. On her first day at LifeHouse, I noticed that she spent much of the afternoon and evening in the di

Help available for Winter 2015 flood recovery

winter 2015 flood recovery assistance

Help still available for those affected by Winter 2015 flooding Springfield, Mo.––Hundreds of individuals were affected by the historic flooding that occurred in December 2015 and January 2016 across areas of southern Missouri. The floods were declared a national disaster, and there continue to be survivors that have not fully recovered. The Missouri Disaster Case Management Program (MoDCMP) recently selected Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri as the Provider Agency for Region B whic