LifeHouse Crisis Maternity Home


To learn more about LifeHouse, call 417-720-4213


Homeless pregnant women now have a place to call home– a safe, loving environment where they receive the resources, education and training needed to give them and their babies a chance at a better life, either through parenting or adoption.

Services include referral and transportation to health care, transportation to work and school, and educational classes on many topics including nutrition and cooking, budgeting and finance, job skills and parenting skills.


LifeHouse can house up to 20 pregnant women and their children under the age of five, for a total of 36 residents. LifeHouse welcomes residents from any of the 39 counties we serve. The women may come at anytime during their pregnancy and stay until self-sufficiency and permanent housing are achieved, up to one year following delivery. They may then enter into a two-year after-care program.

The goals of LifeHouse include the delivery of full-term, healthy babies, reduction in child abuse and neglect, obtaining and retaining permanent housing, and the creation of loving, self-reliant families.CCUSA stock photo

Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri is blessed to offer LifeHouse Maternity Home in the beautiful location of the former Carmelite Monastery in Springfield, Missouri.

The Carmelite Sisters founded the Monastery of St. Anne’s in July 1965 and for decades prayed here for the people of southern Missouri.

Donations of items for the LifeHouse program are greatly appreciated!

LifeHouse Resident Testimonial – February 2014

I was staying with a relative and her boyfriend and it looked uncertain because I didn’t know how long they would let me stay there not having any money coming in. Basically, I went to the library a lot to use the computer to look for jobs close by to apply for or for other living arrangements. I got here because they had asked me like a few days before Christmas to start finding other living arrangements and I had found the LifeHouse brochure in a Doula Foundation package and I called and got an interview.

There’s more stability here. I don’t really feel like I have to worry about where I’m going to go or if there’s going to be enough food to eat. It feels like I’m starting to get more hope for the future. If I wasn’t here, it looked like I would still be on the streets bouncing around from place to place and here I just have one stable place that I can say is mine. There’s help here that I would not have had on my own on the outside.

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