Housing and Financial Counseling

This program offers education and counseling for those who struggle financially to help them achieve long-term prosperity. Our goals are to promote financial literacy and financial responsibility, and increase responsible home ownership. HUD-certified counselors cover topics such as budgeting, mortgage and banking information, credit scores, and savings strategies.

The Housing Counseling program educates clients on the home buying process, addresses barriers to mortgage readiness, and makes the client mortgage ready if at all possible.

The Financial Counseling program involves credit rebuilding and assistance with developing a workable budget, with an emphasis on savings for future needs.

The majority of counseling is conducted in one-on-one sessions with CCSOMO HUD-certified counselors.

Catholic Charities also provides group education workshops at no cost. Financial, real estate, and banking professionals often participate in these workshops. Potential homebuyers are educated on how to find a house, how to apply for a home loan product, and how to stay in the home once it is purchased.  Bank professionals assist with educating groups on topics such as savings vehicles, banking fees and bank specific services.

The assistance offered varies based upon the needs and numbers of clients.

For more information, contact Dee Maples, Director of Housing Services, (417) 720-4213, dmaples@ccsomo.org.

Partial funding for this program is through Catholic Charities-USA.

Partial funding for the Joplin program is from the United Way of Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas, the Raskob Foundation, and the Joplin First Response Tornado Fund.