Not Just for Catholics

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"Our mission isn't just to help Catholics. It's to help anybody and everybody," said Schott, who serves as Regional Coordinator for Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri.

Pope Benedict XVI sent a letter to the Rev. James Johnston, bishop of the The Catholic Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, which Johnston shared during Sunday Masses, Schott said.

The letter said the pope has followed the aftermath of the tornado with "deep concern."

"Conscious of the tragic loss of life and the immensity of the work of rebuilding that lies ahead, he asks God the Father of mercies to grant eternal rest to the departed, consolation to the grieving, and strength and hope to the homeless and the injured," the letter stated.

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Reflections of Fr. J. Friedel

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"The late great theologian Karl Rahner was once asked the question," when is a priest most like Christ?" His answer: "When he suffers." Perhaps this is the reason I am cherishing my priesthood a great deal today. I find it a tremendous gift. Imperfect as I am, I am grateful to love and be loved, and I still feel very strongly that I am doing what God needs me to do.

...And God keeps working his way deeper into my heart. What good grace, to stand alongside the awful!"


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