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A Success Story

By her case manager: Linda Robinson


Amy first came to Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri (CCSM) immediately following the May 22nd EF5 tornado that devastated our community. At that time, essential needs were met such as food, water, clothing and immediate financial assistance. She was living in the direct path of the destructive tornado at the time of the storm. Amy had recently lost her job and was living on unemployment benefits only.   Because of the financial difficultly she was having at that time, she was in the process of being evicted from her home and had planned on moving to another location the weekend following the tornado. However, because of the loss of so many properties in the Joplin area, both homes were destroyed, leaving Amy without a place to live. Amy did not have rental insurance to replace any of her belongings and she did not qualify for FEMA assistance.

During the tornado the home she was living in sustained heavy damage to the roof, windows were blown out and structural damage occurred. Her hands were injured trying to hold the closet door shut where she was seeking shelter. At one point Amy believes she blacked out because when she regained consciousness she was lying on the floor in another room. Her truck was drivable but received heavy damage.

At this point, Amy had no place to go. She resorted to living in a tent. The tent became Amy’s ‘home’ for the next six months. She endured extreme Midwest weather conditions throughout the summer months and then frigid fall temperatures. On November 4th she came into the office very ill. CCSM placed Amy in a local motel and provided motel assistance for her until an appropriate housing situation could be reached.

On, November 21st a 31-foot Four Winds motor home was donated to CCSM. Knowing the perfect candidate for this wonderful donation, Amy took possession of the motor home on November 30th and is now the proud owner of her new home. Her exact words were, “With all your help, I will never be homeless again”. Amy also stated this was a dream come true, since her background brings her from the hills of Montana.

Now that Amy is living in her new home, she has recently turned 62 years old and will be able to start receiving her social security income monthly. She recently got her old job back and is now working part time to supplement her income. In addition, to placing her in a new home, case management is now working with her on her long term recovery plan which includes needed dental work.

It has been a blessing to assist Amy in the process of rebuilding her life.


Amy’s Thank You to the Donor

Dear Donor,

Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for your generosity. You have given me a new lease on life for which I will be forever grateful.

Not only have you given me hope for the future, but you have brightened the lives of my two grandsons who have missed “going to grandma’s house.”

Thank you so much. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Merry Christmas.



Linda and Amy 1Amy and Linda

Amy thumbs upAmy - Thumbs up


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