Holistic Approach

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Individuals may come to a parish food pantry for a donation of food, but a closer investigation shows that lack of food is only a small piece of the overall picture.  Perhaps the individual needs a GED so they can get a better job.  

Or perhaps a history of addiction leads to bad decisions.  And maybe there are other problems within the family structure that are also painful to the individual. Three bags of groceries may temporarily stop hunger, but it is not going to address the totality of complex issues that this individual is facing.  

In the family strengthening approach, an effort is made to look at the individual’s total situation.

Strength Based Approach

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Each of us is a combination of strengths and weaknesses.  In the past, helping agencies have focused primarily on problems, deficiencies, and needs.  Recent research, however, suggests that the greatest progress can be achieved by focusing on the individual’s strengths.  Focusing on the negative reinforces low expectations and creates dependencies.  Conversely, a positive emphasis on resilience and protective factors/assets/strengths communicates a sense of hope, establishes expectations for success within an individual's capacities, promotes empowerment and independence and sets in motion forces for improvement.

What is Catholic

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As Catholics, we affirm that all life is sacred, because all life was created by God, in the image and likeness of God. Our faith also challenges us to be particularly concerned for the weak and most vulnerable. To follow Christ is to reach out in compassion to those in need.

It follows that the term “Catholic” does not place limitations on who we serve. The parable of the Good Samaritan challenges us to think of everyone as our neighbor. Catholic Charities serves people in need, without concern for church membership. Typically between 75% and 90% of the clients of Catholic Charities agencies are not Catholic.

And finally, the term “Catholic” does not imply that Catholic Charities will only hire Catholics. The values we hold dear as Catholics are also basic Christian values, and in a broader sense, basic human values. Catholic Charities will invite men and women who share our values to join us in our mission to serve others.

“Catholic” defines who WE are, 
not who we serve.


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